20 Ways to Make Money Remotely

By Remote

What type of work do you think of when someone says the word “freelancer”? For many of us, our mind often goes to one or two types of careers. Maybe you think website development is the only type of work that can be lucrative when freelancing and you know next to nothing about coding. Or perhaps when you think of working remotely, the classic image of a writer sitting at a cafe with a MacBook Air and cup of coffee comes to mind. The truth of the matter, however, is that with the growth of digital communication and the expansion of wi-fi connections to just about anywhere on the map, remote work has bolstered to incorporate dozens of fields. Rounded up below are just a handful of ways that you can work from home while earning money remotely. From photo editing to managing social media accounts, numerous types of freelancing possibilities exist in today’s job market. Who knows, this list might even inspire you to try your hand at something new!


1) Photo Editing

Thousands of websites are using sourced images to support their editorial content these days, and it’s somebody’s job to search for, purchase, and curate every image that gets published online. From Getting Images to Shutterstock, dozens of photo licensing companies work around the clock to provide news sites, blogs, and company websites with appropriate imaging. If you work as a photo editor, you’ll be assigned stories to read and then pair with eye-catching and affordable imagery. Some photo editing jobs also require you to crop, resize, and color correct any and all images that will be uploaded to the company’s website.

2) Video Editing

While video footage needs to be shot on location, post-production only requires a computer and some editing software. Thanks to hi-speed internet, synced workspaces, and large file upload software, raw video footage needn’t even be dropped off or snail mailed anymore. To get started in the video editing field, it’s helpful to have editing reel (a three to five minute video that showcases your editing ability, as well as different productions you’ve worked for).

3) Copywriting

Copywriters are some of the most needed types of writers in the freelance market, and most of the internet wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for them. From writing about business services to creating catchy taglines, copywriting work covers a huge range of subjects. Copywriting is also one of the easiest remote markets to get started in because of the high demand for remote copywriters.

4) Editorial Writing

Similarly to copywriting, editorial writing also has a large market in the world of freelancing. When you read a news story, an opinion article, or even a lifestyle blog post, you’re reading editorial writing. Along with smaller and lesser-known websites, many large, big-name editorial websites hire freelance writers to produce content for them.

5) Book Editing

While you’ll likely need some experience in the publishing world to get started in remote book editing, it can be a profitable career for freelancers that are skilled in editing. Many unpublished and beginning authors are seeking out book editors for their novels, memoirs, and non-fiction books before submitting them to agents and publishing companies, providing plenty of work for remote book editors.

6) Social Media Managing

Social media is one of the prime ways that companies gain followings, and social media accounts need somebody who is willing to operate them around the clock. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are all powerful tools when it comes to growing a business, and a social media manager is in charge of making sure that they’re all updated regularly.

7) Website Developing

When you really stop to think about it, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that website development is such a huge part of the freelance game. Essentially, website developers are creating a business’s website from scratch, and again, all that requires is a laptop and some coding knowledge. Also, considering that just about every company has a website these days, the market for this type of work is currently booming.

8) Graphic Design

Ever wonder who comes up with logos, website banners, and print layouts? All the credit goes to graphic designers who are trained in Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. Of course, graphic designers need to have an eye for colors, fonts, and spacing as well. Pretty much every website, physical product, and advertisement you’ve ever laid eyes on makes use of graphic designers.

9) App Design

We’re living in an age where just about everybody owns a smartphone, and with mass smartphone use comes a mass need for smartphone apps. While many businesses have great ideas for a signature application, it takes an app designer to turn that dream into a reality.

10) Marketing

Marketing specialists work with all sorts of companies, and they use their skill set to come up with ideas for raising sales figures. This is done in a variety of ways, including everything from product placement and celebrity endorsements to search engine optimization and sales deals. Of course, it helps to have experience in this field before going freelance, as well as a strong portfolio of past products and sales figures.

11) Transcribing

Most media outlets conduct their interviews via audio recordings, but having to sift through an audio file can takes hours for the writers who are trying to create a story. That’s where transcribers come in! Transcribing requires little to no experience to get started, and the clientele can range from the editorial field to the medical field.

12) Translation

Speaking more than one language is an enormous asset, and it can provide you with some of the highest paying work in the freelance market. There’s no way around hiring a translator if you’re in need of changing a document’s language or communicating with a foreign market, and for that reason, translators are considered to be extremely valuable in the world of freelancing.

13) Voice Talent

Even voice actors can make a living working remotely as long as they have the proper equipment and recording knowledge. Commercials, audiobooks, business presentations, and web series are all in need of voice talent, and even various film and video works often make use of voice-over recordings from remote talent.

14) Customer Support

You don’t have to be working from an office to provide customer support. Whether it’s for a physical product, a service, a healthcare plan, or anything in between, customer service support via private chat rooms, emails, and phone calls can be accomplished from home, and becauses of that many customer support positions are now being offered to remote freelancers with a reliable phone line and internet.

15) Sales

Most telemarketing offices are already cramped from wall to wall with workers, which is why remote hiring makes for a completely feasible option for many sales companies. In fact, most homes provide environments that are much quieter than bustling office spaces, making freelance telemarketing an ideal for both the employee and the employer.

16) Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants cover a wide range tasks for their employers, including bookkeeping, email management, travel research, scheduling appointments, and even helping to chase down new business. You’ll likely spend most of your days writing emails, making phone calls, and researching on the web if you’re working as a virtual assistant.

17) Financial Planning

Remote financial planners can either work for a firm or independently for their own clients to help ensure that sensible decisions are being made in regards to the clientele’s money. Financial planning involves having a vast knowledge of successful investment options and assisting in helping long-term financial objectives come into fruition.

18) Paralegal Servicing

While lawyers may be the stars of the courtroom, much of their cases’ defenses rely on the research and writeups of paralegals. From maintaining and organizing files to drafting documents and conducting legal research, paralegals must have a wide set of skills to do their job (as well as the proper certification), but that doesn’t stop them from being able to do it remotely.

19) Data Entry

Data entry is a wonderful option for entry-level workers wanting to break into the freelance field. Most remote positions require typing and numeric key entry skills, along with spreadsheet, grammar, and general software knowledge. Data entry employees can work with all types of companies, assisting with record keeping and file organization.

20) Customer Research

An immense part of marketing relies on customer research, and that type of data requires someone to study consumers’ preferences, usage, and behavior in regards to the product being sold . From creating market surveys to putting together data charts and powerpoint presentations, remote customer researchers play a vital role in an extensive amount of product sales.

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Hopefully we’ve broadened your perspective a bit in regards to what kind of work is now possible (and prevailing!) in the freelance market. No matter what skill set you have, the opportunities for working remotely are continuing to grow exponentially, and that’s something we couldn’t be more excited about. You only have one life to live, why not live it on your own terms?