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The best apps to be #TravelMode

When we think of travel at least what we want to think about is how complicated could be to plan it, because technology can help us save money. These are some of our recommendations for you to have a unforgettable adventure without inconveniences.


One of the most famous google apps is usually installed on all phones with Android, an advantage of this application is the ability to download maps of the city or the place you will travel and use them without internet, you can also save A list of favorites, give and read opinions in establishments, tourist sites or busy places, one of the most complete geolocation databases in the world.

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Google Trips

This app recommends the most popular tourist places in each place, this information is connected to Google maps so you can see the comments, ratings and photos of users who have already visited these places. You must have on your cell phone if you are traveling.

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The application of cheap flights, this app shows you the most economical days to travel in a very pleasant and easy to understand, and you can program your destination and Hopper notifies you when the tickets are cheaper and do not miss the last promotions.

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You like to fly, this app can entertain you, whether you are on a flight, at the airport or at your house. FlightAware shows you the real-time flight of any flight anywhere in the world.

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This app allows you to register your trip from your smartphone associating the photos, your comments and the location of the places you visit, you don't need internet and it is free for IOS and Android.

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Find what to do in each place you visit, you can plan a tour, invite friends, find where to camp, buy or go to a party. An immense database of attractions, restaurants and bars, outdoor places, points of interest, for vacations, camping, entertainment, services, shopping and sports.

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PADI - Scuba Diving

The app for divers, has safety curves, submarine maps and registration of dives, information of courses for diving and shops specializing in this sport.

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In this app you will find over 45,000 museums, in total all the museums in the world! Culturtickets positions you on the map and tells you where the museum is and how many kilometers is your location, so you can plan your tours when you are visiting any city in the world.

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It is a free organizer of luggage lists that helps organize the suitcase depending on the type and duration of the trip, planned activities and weather forecasts at the destination.

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