The 10 places that according to travelers you should visit at some time in your life

By Cultura Colectiva

If you could choose a destination in the world to know before you die, what would it be?

The response can be influenced by your personal experiences, profession, friends or artistic interests, as well as the cultural environment to which you belong and the influence of films, television series and even commercial tourism. Maybe the site you think is more wonderful cause a great disappointment to know it and a place that you did not expect is your favorite destination. All are experiences that travelers live every day and despite knowing perfectly, they do not cease to feel astonishment at the immense amount of sites that the planet offers to discover.

Each year, Condé Nast Traveler surveys over thousands of travelers around the world who devote most of their time, interests and resources to embarking on adventures across the globe and getting to know different cultures, people and latitudes. In this, the globetrotters select the best destinations according to your type of adventure, budget or hobby.

This time, travelers voted for those must-sees, the most incredible destinations in the world that you should meet at least once in your life. The ranking is dominated by European cities, but pleasant surprises climb to the highest positions. Do you want to know why they voted these destinations as the ones you should know? Here are the top ten best places to visit:

10. London


The English capital is among the most memorable trips of travelers around the world. London may not be the most beautiful, orderly, not even the cleanest city in Europe; However, for anyone who has walked through its wet and damp streets, among its hundreds of bridges around the Thames and past afternoons between parks and gardens full of life and then ending with a beer outside an English pub, the spirit of this City will always keep you alive in your best memories.

9. Kioto


For more than a millennium, Kyoto was the capital of the Japanese empire and the greatest exponent of oriental culture. There is no place where the story speaks for itself as in the 2,000 temples that are preserved almost intact, as well as typical sanctuaries and gardens that make travelers feel that they travel in time to ancient Japan, something unthought in modernity Of Tokyo and other Japanese cities.

8. Brujas


A surprise destination for travelers who often visit with doubts and return in wonder of the charm of every corner of the misnamed "Venice of the North", because it is a site with a different beauty and atmosphere unique among European cities. In the small Belgian city everything seems to be ready to perfection: it is a magical space lost in time, where the architecture combines with the gardens and canals that run through its historical center to leave in the travelers the desire to return On their next adventure.

7. Prague


The Czech capital is a space recently discovered by travelers from all over the world, who often prefer it above the most popular destinations in central Europe to fill with culture, art and nightlife. Its streets, full of contemporary history (from World War I, National Socialist occupation and its accession to the USSR) and architectural wealth in all its splendor, make it one of the favorite destinations of millions of people around the globe.

6. Rome


The Eternal City seems to have something that seduces travelers and forces them to feel the transalpine wind blowing on their faces as they walk along the historic thoroughfares or the Roman Forum, trying to recreate in the mind or to revive in memory something that Never lived, but that belongs to his past. In the same way as London, no objective traveler could position Rome as the most beautiful city in the world, but among its historical vestiges, squares in every corner and alleys that change color at dusk, more than one tourist longs to return by one of All the roads leading here.

5. Paris


It is very probable that there is no other city as coveted to visit in all history as Paris in the contemporary era. The turbulent twentieth century set the French capital as an icon and capital of art, culture, history, bohemian life, romanticism and fashion, and centuries of history on its past confirmed it. The Parisian cliché is repeated in a thousand ways: walking the Champs Elysees, strolling the Seine at sunset, walking through Tuileries or just sitting in Trocadero ... there will always be Paris for the traveler.

4. Sidney


The Australian cultural capital breaks with the European dominion in the list and it positions itself like one of the most longed cities for the travelers. Sydney is not only the place where the New Year comes when we are in the preparations, it is the cultural capital of Oceania, the starting point to discover the natural wonders that Australia hides and the history that is divided between the millenarian knowledge of The aborigines and the colonization at the hands of England.

3. Viena


Before Paris or Barcelona as European art capitals, Vienna was the center on which the modern culture of the Old Continent gravitated. This displacement brought with it a revitalization of the city as a tourist destination, as it recovered the charm of a city full of culture, but with a decrease in its population and the number of tourists who visit it year after year. The Historic Center is a World Heritage Site and preserves architectural and artistic treasures ranging from music and painting to psychoanalysis and Third Reich rule.

2. Budapest


The Hungarian capital was not usually a meeting place for avid travelers of culture; However, in recent times one of the best kept secrets of Eastern Europe has been rediscovered. The city has a rich and particular history since its foundation, which united the two cities of which it takes its name. Throughout the Danube, Budapest gives off a subtle charm that is complemented by a growing nightlife.

1. Florence


It does not take too much explanation to know why Florence remains the destination essential for travelers. It is a destination where art par excellence converges with history in a city of still human proportions and a historic center full of cultural offerings. The Renaissance was written with golden letters in Tuscany, with a cathedral of monumental proportions and everything between romantic alleys, guarded by the Arno.