Movies that inspire your trip

Everybody has seen that film that inspires us, making us believe that everything is possible and that the limits we put. Well here are some of those "inspiring" films:

La vida secreta de Walter Mitty

For those of us who dream awake and imagine our adventure in a wonderful place, Ben Stiller invites us to make those dreams come true, to run, to jump, to laugh, to love and to meet with what at some point in our life, perhaps our Childhood we wanted to be.

The big fish

Inspiring and strange movie as Tim Burton usually does, with magical characters and fantasy in the environment so that for a little more than 2 hours you think that everything is product of the fantasy of the man who tells the story.

La Famille Bélier

Many times what weighs more when it comes to making the decision to travel, is our family, if you are in that dilemma maybe this movie will make you cry and why not, probably fill you with courage to say soon or bientôt in French.

Up in the air

I could say that it is a constant path of emotions, with the great performance of George Clooney and his unusual work you can see the situation from the other side; A man who has traveled so much through the United States that he could go around the world with his accumulated miles.

Midnight in paris

The fantasy has always been the most emotional way to tell a story and then if to travel in time to an artistic moment important for the story is, let's go to Paris and wait for midnight.

Una aventura extraordinaria

If we talk about living adventures, Piscine Patel has the most exciting and almost supernatural adventure a movie can count on.

Forrest Gump

I can say that it's my favorite movie, that Tom Hanks or was like Forrest in a previous life or is one of the best actors in the world, I can only say that the film is perfect, that if you have not seen it can change your life and If you saw it, repeating it will always be a good plan.

Any recommendations for those who want to go around the world and we need a little push?