Most travelled musicians

In an attempt to inspire travelers, TravelBird studied 50 of the world's most popular artists to see who strove to bring their art or music beyond safe plazas like the United States, Europe and Japan.

Tiësto leads the picture with just over 1.5 million miles, equivalent to 62 times worldwide, other artists like Cyndi Lauper also make the cut with an impressive 958,672 miles, or 4 times to the moon, being the Only woman on the list.

Ranking de los músicos más viajeros

Their music may inspire us in many ways, but how far might it inspire you to travel? Many of the musicians in the list, and countless other amazing artists, are on tour in 2017. We hope this list inspires fans include a concert or festival in with their travel plans.

“A great gig takes you on a journey through time, brings you to new places and helps you experience something special” states Symen Jansma, Founder of TravelBird. “You can simply feel as free as a bird.”

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