Green planet Montañismo

By Green Planet Montañismo

"More than a company, is a group of people who have managed to create an ecological conscience, a care of our environment and a great love for our planet and all the species that inhabit it, for this reason, this group is for all those Who enjoy being in permanent contact with nature, practicing all the disciplines that mountaineering and outdoor sports envelop, living and feeling adrenaline to the extreme with all safety standards, but above all, respecting the principles of species conservation and care Of our mother earth ....

Hence Mountaineering more than a sport, is a passion !!, is to meet with nature, is to meet with oneself, but above all !! It's meeting God !! "

green planet

Our activities and services:

Bungee Jumping, Canopy, Rock Climbing, High Mountain, Cross Country Skiing, Camping, Paintball, Paragliding, Parachuting, Basic Mountaineering Courses, Mountain Biking Courses, Ecological Walks, Hiking or Trekking, Adventure Races, Rafting, Rafting, Bungee Jumping Camping, Workshops, Training, Consultancies and Guiding for Schools, Universities, Public and Private Companies !!!!! Among other outdoor activities !!!!

Enjoy with all your family, friends, companions, etc., of all Adventure Sports with all the Norms of Security and as much respect for our mother Earth !!!!

Invite all your contacts to join this group !!!

"Let the Footprints that remain in Nature ... Let alone the Footprints of Your Steps !!"

"When you have cut the last tree, polluted the last river and fish the last fish, you will realize that money can not be eaten" ...


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We hope to see you all very soon in our next outings, adventures walks and experiences amidst nature and adrenaline!

A hug of Eye Bear!!