Don't run, manage your time better

By la red 21

Do you feel that time passes very quickly ?, maybe the problem is not the time, it is what you do with it. Here are some ways you can make time be in your favor or at least do not go so fast.

Early wake up

You do not necessarily have to get out of bed before the sun rises - something that is more complicated in winter - but getting up an hour earlier than usual can give you enough time to have breakfast without problems, as this is the most important meal of the day, And its effect on the day is often undervalued. In addition, during a calm and calm breakfast you can better organize the day's appointments.

Sort daily priorities

Having gotten up an hour earlier, it is easier to have a clear head to accommodate the daily agenda. If you establish a good plan of action, the day will become more bearable and orderly. Making a to-do list from the morning will, when completing all the tasks, you feel more satisfied and do not have the feeling that something was pending.


Keeping you physically active throughout the day has countless health benefits. If you are in an office and your job is to be sitting all day, stand up every so often and take a walk around the office. Go to the water dispenser, talk to your peers or get some fresh air. Taking regular breaks throughout the day helps relaxation and avoid burnout syndrome, a condition that consists of a response in the body to prolonged stress, as a result of stressors at work. It causes chronic fatigue, inefficiency and bad mood, among other consequences.

Order first

From having the desk and the house clean and tidy to having a clear order of priorities are keys to good personal performance. If you avoid distractions and distracting factors, you will be better able to focus on the tasks to be done during the day.

Fixed periods

No matter how tidy the agenda you have made for breakfast, if you do not set deadlines for the completion of each task, everything may get out of control. That is why it is important to set time limits for each item to complete throughout the day.

Close unnecessary web browser tabs

While you are at the computer and you are not in your rest time, close all the tabs of the browser that have to do with social networks, news, leisure and anything else that does not have to do with your work. Even when you are on your break, it is best to get away from the computer and limit access to social networks to the least possible.

Avoid unnecessary meetings

Technology has improved the chances of meeting people in a non-physical way. If you can avoid a meeting that will get you an hour or more out of your day, do it. Use different resources such as video calls, e-mail or telephone calls to quickly solve the tasks of work, and if your work position allows, delegate functions and concentrate on those that inevitably require your attention.