ECUADOR - Cotopaxi

By Adrian Espinoza

Climbing the Cotopaxi was one of my dreams. I had traveled to Ecuador to visit several places but the one that filled me with emotion was the great Volcano. He had seen him several times on a plane with its summit full of snow and its great majesty, but with the feeling as if he had seen it alone on television; I needed to touch it, breathe it, sit on it to feel small and big at the same time.

The road starts from Quito, where you can take a bus that goes to Latacunga and leaves you at the intersection towards Cotopaxi. It is very easy to get there and very cheap. When you arrive at the intersection you will find several pick-up trucks waiting to take the travelers to the mountain slope.

The road is very beautiful, I felt like a park in the United States; The landscape, the road in excellent condition and the trees and pines that give a perfect environment. I asked to be in Plato's van so I could feel the pure air that was running around.

My challenge was to climb more than 5,000 meters above sea level. Reach up to 5,300.

It was the first time he was so tall, in the face of so much snow and with such a white and glowing landscape. An experience that definitely filled my soul too. The effort of each step is reflected in the satisfaction of the vast landscape.

Many have problems with height and are reaching up to certain points, this depends on the physical condition you may have and maybe the training. But I assure you that in the end each respite up there is worth it. I stopped for many moments to breathe consciously, to caress every bit of air that entered my lungs and to photograph with my mind every flash of light I saw.

I felt like a child playing with the snow, pulling me up and down. Brave a thousand times to thank life for giving us so much.

Sadly, several parts around the park are suffering from heavy deforestation and their land is sought by industrialists in search of different materials. At one point I stopped to check that there was behind the curtains of trees perfectly placed and I found this:



Don`t forget

  • Do not climb very high alone and without equipment. It could be dangerous. Follow the signs for the premises.
  • Wear sunglasses and sunscreen. The reflection of the sun on the snow burns impressively.



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