CHILE - Viña del Mar - Valparaiso

By Adrian Espinoza

Just two hours from Santiago, VALPARAISO or VALPA as they say of affection. A coastal city facing the Pacific; Where what stands out most is its colors. A place built on small mountains where each street stands out for its graffiti, drawings and facades of houses with hundreds of shades.

As if in every house lived an artist, a bohemian, as if painting was the decree of a king.

You can walk the city walking and stopping a thousand times to take pictures on the doors, walls or anything that lends itself to paint. Its old architecture, small restaurants, smiling people; Mixed with the sound of the sea, make Valpa my first choice of cities to live.

We were in December so many parties and local meetings are held. We were invited to a typical and traditional restaurant in Chile, where several families gather to recite poems, tell stories, listen and dance La Cueca. A rhythm that enchants me by the grace with which they interpret it, by the flirty way in which it is danced, by the respect that is given to the couple and that fine gallantry that is created.

It is an incredibly beautiful culture, and as in Valpa art is what abounds, you can find several small theaters, dances in the squares, songs here and songs there.

I am a writer of songs for which I am passionate, in the hostel I found a friend with whom we dedicated to drink wine between a melon with ice (spectacular) and to write songs, to play without stopping; The whole atmosphere inspired me.

Just one hour from Valpa, you will find Viña del Mar; Another jewel of Chile. A sophisticated, refined and modern city facing the sea. Known worldwide for its festival. Its beaches are beautiful but completely cold so there are very few swimmers, or good this for us that we are accustomed to the temperature of the beaches of the caribbean.

Here we are portrayed my friends, my brother and I ... Contemplating the sea and its immensity. In front of the cold and imposing pacific.



Don`t forget

  • The best hostel with the best breakfast in the world is in Valpa.
  • A stay in Valpa can be 4 to 5 days and in Viña can be about two.
  • Chile is the most expensive country in South America, but nothing that can not be managed.
  • I do not write it so they get scared and do not go. You can always travel well and with your backpack.



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