GUATEMALA - Volcano of fire - Volcano of water

By Adrian Espinoza

It all started with this photograph. We were walking through the streets of ancient Guatemala, when suddenly I see a combination of colors in the sky; A column of black clouds, mixed with blue / gray and red. It seemed to me an incredible spectacle, I asked one of the locals that this phenomenon was due; To which I answered ... - It is the volcano of Fire that has been erupting for a few days !. I paused to analyze what they had told me. Am I close to an erupting volcano? I remembered the stories that my relatives told me about the city of Armero, which had been destroyed by a volcano. It combined emotion, with a little fear since I had never witnessed something of such magnitude. "He's been active for several years but lately he's had more activity than ever. This week there are many tourists coming up to see it, should go is a very good show.

It was late in the afternoon, and in the darkness light could be seen and the earth roared. I could not get such a moment out of my mind. I went to the hostel and asked about the Volcano; They told me that in the morning an expedition was going out to camp in front of the imposing phenomenon. I ran to our room and told my traveling companions: Tomorrow we go to the Volcano!

We left early and got into the van on a tour of an hour and a half. I felt a lot of emotion, I fully believed myself an expeditionary. We arrived at the foot of the mountain where nothing was seen and nothing was heard; The giant had calmed down! They gave us a tent, a sleeping bag, a bag of food; We bought a bottle of water of five liters each, buy a pair of gloves for the cold and we began the ascent.

The first hour everyone goes up with an attitude of champions, but as the minutes pass several they become physically and mentally weak. It is a 10-hour walk to reach the camp area and four stops of twenty minutes each. The weight of the tent, the sleeping, the liters of water, your suitcase with your clothes, start to pass the collection account. Steps slower and slower, increasingly difficult terrain, sweating more and more present, the team carving the body, the height counterattacking, the food is rationed and of course there is nowhere to buy anything. That if the view is a pass.

After so many hours of walking and enduring without having seen it all the way; PUM !!! You clash with the giant and in that moment, in that beautiful moment; everything is worth it. ALL!

The cold at that point is very strong, the winds beat mercilessly. We arrived near sunset, so we had to set up the camping gear and get ready for the night. As the sun went down the temperature dropped, my body was shaking too much. We made a bonfire to warm ourselves and prepare instant soups that we had. No one wanted to leave the campfire!

I can not describe what I felt at that precise moment... When the light falls, the sky is painted with hundreds of stars, the air feeds you, the sounds of the earth shake you and the color of the lava mulls you. It is a red with glowing orange, had not seen such a beautiful color in life. I was very afraid of every internal movement of the earth, which evaporated gases and created rays on the giant's mouth. A majestic spectacle worthy of being witnessed, of being documented and of being sighed. We spent the night in front of the fire telling stories of travel, exchanging languages and watching the crater emanate lava. I heard hundreds of times the giant scream, and I lost count of the shooting stars that passed in front of me.

Our guide told us that those who would like to climb at dawn to the top of the mountain could do to observe the sunrise, to touch the clouds with their hands. Of course it was something that I could not lose, so I decided to be ready to make it to the end.

Climbing again! The circumstances were worse, the cold had multiplied, it was dark so it was very difficult to see where it was going; The summit was much steeper which required a greater physical effort and the altitude that was of his own in some that failed to advance. But in the end we reached the top, I felt unique, powerful, great. But at the same time I felt like a bit of sand, so small in front of such a powerful view.

The temperature was extremely low, my nose and my hands were frozen, since the gloves I had bought in the skirt of the mountain had fallen to me at the campfire the previous day ... big mistake !!

But once I started to see the rays of the sun trying to escape the horizon, I forgot everything. Someone had done a show without equal, had prepared the changes of colors and tonalities, the musical orchestra was ready with all its instruments of winds; The traces of the artist were very delicate, had embroidered a masterly landscape. And me!!! I had a preferential entrance, I was in the front row, I closed my eyes, breathed deeply and I entered ...

This was me !!! ... Conquering the world by pure chance. In the middle of nowhere. There! There I was! In the middle of two unstoppable forces. Skies Vs. Volcan .... Feeling smaller than ever ...



Don`t forget

  • Don't drop the gloves. :)
  • Temperatures are very, very low.



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