Discovery the Black lagoon and the Beach Pita

By Somos4PorElMundo

That morning we got up early as we were expecting a very long day. When we got to the car, we started on the road to one of the most beautiful spots in the province of Soria, the black lagoon. To begin with, we leave you with a small video of our Youtube chanel (You can subscribe for free following the link).

We were not getting closer and the scenery changed very quickly. The endless meadows of grass were transformed into large groves and mountainous relief. The road was finished when arriving at the parking, from here we had to follow on foot or take a coach that left you 300m from the Laguna Negra.

For a pleasant walk, we reached a few wooden steps. We went up these steps and upon arriving upstairs we discovered an incredible landscape, the Black Lagoon. Legend tells the story of Alvargonzález. With the death of his parents, he found a great inheritance, but it was not difficult to find a wife. He found a beautiful young woman in the lands of Burgo, with whom he had three children. He was happy and had two children, married with their respective wives, they dreamed of their father-in-law's money. Obsession that became unhealthy. One morning Alvargonzález left for a walk, after walking for a while, chose an elm tree to rest. He was transposed and in his dream he saw his children as they murdered him. As he opened his eyes he realized that the dream was fulfilled, four stabs and a blow to the neck ended with his life. His body was thrown with a stone tied in the feet, to the Black Lagoon that is said to have no bottom. This became his eternal tomb. No one accused the children of cruel parricide.

The first Sunday of August has been held for over 40 years his famous Crossing to Swim, in which there is great participation of swimmers. We walked through the wooden walkway. We decided to return to the car to continue our journey and as we went down we crossed with a lot of people who went hiking trips.

We picked up the car and headed to the next stop on our route, Casa del Parque 'Laguna Negra and Glacier Circuses of Urbión and Museo del Bosque'.

In this house we enjoyed some great exhibitions, all very interesting and directed to the Sensory Forest, the corner of the memory, Resources of the zone and Legends of the zone. They also have an audiovisual room where they project a documentary about the very interesting park

We left the house and continued our way to the next and last stop, Playa Pita. A sea of fresh water located in the reservoir of the Cord of the Well. There we enjoy a fabulous picnic and a refreshing swim with the classic water skates represented with swans and slides.



Don`t forget

  • Lenguage: Spanish
  • Coin: Euro
  • To get to the Laguna from Soria we will take the N-234 towards Burgos
  • To the lagoon can not be reached with the car until the end but you must leave the car in a parking lot.



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