Eat pray and meet México

By Jair

Breaking the routine eating breakfast in the street, Mexican tamal with chocolate and recharge to find the bus route to Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, we did not want to take a taxi because they would see the face of foreigners, we would give many turns and They would charge us in Mexican pesos. We crossed the Alameda Central near the Palace of Fine Arts and finally we took a bus after asking many people, strangely all inspired confidence. We arrived at the Basilica with the procession, they told us that they are common because faith for the virgin in Mexico is very high.

After praying for a while we go back to the center, we arrive at the Zocalo where we took one of those tourist buses of 2 floors to tour the whole city and give a quick look since we were not going to be long in the city, always meet new places It is exciting, the monuments, the buildings and see how the city is organized until we arrive at the museum Soumaya, I had already seen it in photos but see its greatness and at the same time the architectural genius that made me reflect on the human being's ability to Achieve immense things with small details.

The continuous route and for the return the climate gave us the opportunity to know the federal district in the rain, the evening dismissed the day and thus also finished our tour in the park Alameda central next to the Museum Fine Arts to which I was due the visit , But will be a reason to return.



Don`t forget

  • The traffic could be complicated
  • The street offers native food, give it the opportunity



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