Holiday in Medellín

By Jair

There is so much to do in the city of eternal spring that one day is short, in transport is not wasted much time; The metro and metrocable allow to cross the city in almost 30 minutes.

To take advantage of the day to the maximum I went jogging, to do a few laps to the main stadium of the city that is also the sports complex and has athletics track and parks equipped gym type, in addition there are many people.

The first route in the morning is to Arvi Park, a forest area of ​​almost 7000 hectares with multiple activities for the whole public, perfect for walking and breathing nature, getting here is fun as the metrocable crosses the communes and a large part Of wooded area that makes the fear appear at least the first time you go through it, the return can be in metrocable or bus to the center.

This may perfectly be an all-day plan but Medellín waits for us, lunch time and following the recommendation of some friends we arrived in Hatoviejo a very very beautiful place, the attention is spectacular you can spend a very pleasant time there, especially since the Food is authentic from the region, the music makes the time freeze and the atmosphere makes you feel at home remembering the food of the grandmother.

To spend a pleasant time the park explores together what everyone wants us to do: have fun and learn. If you are in Medellín you are recommended to visit this park, since you are approaching by subway and you know that it will be spectacular above all because its architecture invites you to visit it, I do not give many details because I want you to know it, also surrounded by the planetarium and the garden Botanical to complete the cultural journey.

Before the end of the day, I wanted to give art a chance and the modern art museum of Medellín still had the doors open and the experience at the end of the day ended up being very pleasant, touching and reflective.



Don`t forget

  • El clima es fresco pero nunca muy frío
  • No es recomendable caminar por algunas calles en las horas de las noches
  • Encuentras hoteles económicos cerca al estadio



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