Seoul for the eyes & soul


The day I got to Seoul was like an explosion of impressions, colours and feelings. After a good sleep I set out to explore my surroundings the place where my hotel was situated was Insadong, the most authentic neighborhood of the city!


The streets were packed with people from all over, traditional Korean restaurants, shops of all sorts, teahouses, souvenirs and street food stands it was all breathing life, I couldn't get enough of it! I took a glance at some of the art galleries and continue walking towards the palaces situated in the proximity: Unhyeongung & Changgyeonggung (the latter, the second biggest palace of the city, backed up by the traditional Bukcheon village of Hanok houses. I just wanted to lose my way in the labyrinth of small Korean dwellings & crafts shops reigning over entire Seoul... what a sight!! However, curiosity was forcing me to go on and check out the most famous Korean symbol: the Gwanghwamun Gate & the 15th century built Gyeongbokgung Palace, with the numerous inner courtyards and passages... the pagoda right next to it, as well as the National Folk Museum also caught my eye and I just had to enter

I was not disappointed!! Returning to the Gwanghwamun Square with the mighty statue of king Sejong, I knew I just had to give into the "new city", populated by skyscrapers hiding, though, unexpected sights, such as the Yogyesa Buddhist Temple, an oasis of peace and nature in the heart of the CBC... The contrasts of the streets, modern & archaic buildings one next to the other in a natural, familiar way enchanted me. People everywhere were happy to give me directions if I needed some


I was so impressed by such warm & sincere friendly behaviour! Walking in such a city, discovering its surprising aspects every step of the way - all that is really addictive for me! Time was flying and I had one more objective: check out Myeongdong, the modern shopping district packed with towers & a mix of everything you might expect to find in the centre of a Fareast capital. I reached the Namsan Tower and noticed it was already dark... what a marathon! The image of a spicy Korean dinner was the only thing missing - so I headed for my welcoming Insadong... I'd have the rest of my stay to explore the Seoul in detail.



Don`t forget

  • Try the Korean restaurant food as well as the streetfood
  • go to the Fish Market Noryangjin, the unique Namdaemun Market, the nightlife Itaewon district & the Aquarium at Coex.
  • The Dongdaemun & the Hongdae districts are worth seeing, just as the various bridges over the river Han!
  • Enjoy anything the city's got to offer!


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