Going bananas in Mangaluru

By Shubhang Sharma

Mangaluru is a mix of everything you can ever imagine of. Be it food, beautiful locations, nice roads to walk on, temples, churches, weather, malls, anything you want.

I had a friend completing his education from Manipal University, so I crashed at his place for a few days.


Day 1

We woke up around 9:00 AM, and were starving. We went to a food court which had a variety not only in Non-Vegetarian food but also in Vegetarian food.

I had a Burrito, Bubble Ice Tea, Spiral Potato, and this weird Ice Cream. All of this was so tasty, that I am drooling while writing about it.

So, Dasara is the main festivals of Mangaluru. This is one of the festivals where the people of Mangaluru all are very exited and celebrate if for nine whole days. I was there for the last and the main day. Hence in the evening we went to a temple where Processions, and tiger dance was going on. all the celebrations, were very colorful and vibrant. Even if I was not familiar with the language, the music seemed interesting. After that we had Naturals Ice Cream, one of India's biggest Ice Cream brand, from where it's idea was conceptualized.

Day 2

Google Maps is one of the best thing that mankind could create. On this day I explored the city alone. Best part of Mangaluru is that being a small city, one can explore it on foot, and that is when you are able to see and feel the city one to one. I realized that Mangaluru was culturally very strong, and they had put it on the walls of the city. There wall paintings were of their culture, festivals, environmental safety, and of social causes as well. People there knew English apart from Kanada. Also can't forget the amazing food and Ice Cream that I had.

Day 3

This day was Beach day. Went to Panambur Brach and Tannirbhavi Beach. So, to reach Tannirbhavi Beach ou first need to go to Sultan Battery, and from there you take a ferry to the beach. I've been to beaches before but this beach was amazingly beautiful, clean and the lifeguards were active and helping. The food market near this beach had a lot of local food that gave me FoodGasam. 9 Km away was Panambur Beach. This beach was taken care by the port authority of Mangaluru. Also was better than Tannirbhavi, due to a better market, and the calmer tides. The sunset was amazing and there were white crabs all over the place. Ended my day at Asia's largest Ice Cream parlor, PABBA'S, eating their very special Gadbad Ice Cream.

This trips was way more adventurous than I thought. Would love to come to Mangaluru again someday.



Don`t forget

  • Have Ice creams at all the mentioned places.
  • Eat Paneer Ghee Roast.
  • Definitely go to Panambur Beach.
  • Try and Go here during Dasara.



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