Weekend in Villa de Leyva

By Jair

I love those days that start before the alarm goes off, the singing of the roosters proves that it is daylight without opening my eyes and the light that enters the window takes away my sleep.

Dawn away from civilization, from the noises and from "the world" (that touches me every day) is like being in a fantasy; Around me is full of green and blue tones, background music produced by the river, a country breakfast and to start the adventure.

Walk downhill for 20 minutes to find a waterfall that can be immense but now it only spreads the sensation of an unbearable cold, the periquera (the typical Colombian is badly thought) but the waterfall is very natural stones and more stones surrounded by giant trees that Mix with the sky to make me feel so small that I feel I can jump from branch to branch or from rock to rock, is already adapted for walking but requires a lot of care not to fall like a child, do not reach the end of the road because I never knew Which was the right one, reach to see a suicidal ravine and one that ended in the river.

Short but substantial rachis that ends with an interesting bath in the river at almost 0 ° c, a time to let dry clothes and ATVs to complete the four elements water: after bathing in the river, fire: with the heat it provided The sun, the land: because I ate a lot in the whole way and air: because the August winds in Villa de Leyva feel very cool.

The lunch with a view to the mountains that neither pa that I tell you and for dessert a walk to the house of terracotta to 20 minutes of the town, is not a obligatory stop but it does not tolerate to lose the details that it has. Now if the horses something I had never done, I tend to be very relaxed with this because I know that the horse will feel my nerves, but my friends would not stop shouting for no more hahahaha, at the end zero accidents and a great experience.

Wait all night long, or better the stars; A campfire, music and clear sky made a perfect scene to see the cup of trees that almost touch the stars and the moon rising from the horizon illuminating the immense darkness that is lived in the field "relaxing darkness" with the heat of The fire and the taste of a good wine. The day ends without my realizing it and the fatigue is visible in everyone's face as we do not stop laughing telling stories or saying nonsense around the fire.



Don´t forget

  • Puedes hacer cabalgata, cuatrimotos
  • Es un pueblo tranquilo pero en temporada alta encuentras mucha gente.
  • El día puede ser soleado pero las noches son frías.
  • Lleva zapatos comodos, algunas calles son en piedra.



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