Krakow is history

By Patrizia Dagnello

Krakow is a wonderful miniature city. Everyone told us that it was not worth staying more than two days but we discovered so many precious things that in the end we were 5 days enjoying everything that the city offers :) It is not only a reminder of the atrocities that took place there but also a town within another town, since it was formed by the union of more cities.


It has its very characteristic neighborhoods, it is a city that never sleeps, at all hours there is something to do. I had long dreamed of going to visit Auschwitz and would do it another thousand times, but what you find in the city goes much further than that. We were guided by instinct and in each neighborhood we discovered a different history, precious churches, museums, castles and a park that surrounds the historic center that is part of another piece of history that happened there.


I recommend it!



Don`t forget

  • What to do in 5 days: a guided day trip to Auschwitz, go another day to the Salt Mining, leave a couple of days to visit the city.



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