Burano, Murano and El gran canal

By Mi huella x el mundo

Our first day in Venice is dedicated to visiting the islands of Murano and Burano. As we bought the Venezia Unica City Pass for 24 hours for public transport that we validated the day before our arrival in the city, we decided to visit the islands on the first day and in the afternoon take a ride in Vaporetto on the Grand Canal and have a First contact with the city.

So we started our day early, heading to Piazzale Roma to take the Vaporetto that would take us first to Murano Island, known for the famous glass of Murano.


To go to Murano you can take the Vaporetto number 13, 4.1, 4.2, DM and NL. We went with the 4.2 and it took a half hour to get there. Upon arrival, we first took a walk along the Main Canal of Murano and then we went to the area where the glass factories are. Most have to pay something to enter but if you go to the end there is a glass factory where you can enter for free and explain in five minutes the manufacturing process. Then at the end ask for a small tip, but at the tourist's taste. It is very good and worth entering. The only thing is that we have to do some queuing but we were not more than five minutes.

After our walk through Murano we took a Vaporetto to go to Burano. It took another half hour. When we got to the island we went to eat at one of the restaurants that is almost at the entrance. They are quite expensive. We were charged 45 Euros only for breaded meat, potatoes and water ... We also made the mistake of going into one of the first ones when you arrive on the island and did not look a little further. That was a craving for us ...

Burano the truth is that I loved it. This island is characterized by its famous colorful houses, although at the moment it is a quite tourist place, still has a lot of charm and is a perfect place to walk.

Museo la Tertulia

About three in the afternoon we took the Vaporetto back to Venice. We arrived at Fundamenta Nuova where we walked to the Vaporetto Ca d'Oro stop to get on the Vaporetto line 1 and take a walk on the Grand Canal.

We arrived to three stops after San Marco and to return to the hotel we took another Vaporetto that took us along the Canal de la Giudecca to Piazzale Roma. The views are not the best but it was nice to see the back of Venice.

To end the day we went to dinner at a restaurant near the hotel called Da Silva. We ate two pasta dishes for 27 Euros, which for what is Venice, was very good, we were also invited to a couple of shots which were very good. Here are the photos with the views from the Grand Canal:



Don`t forget

  • To go to Murano you can take the Vaporetto number 13, 4.1, 4.2, DM and NL.
  • Look at several dining options before you go to one of them



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