In Cali with luck

By Jair

Cali has something particular I do not know if it is the warmth in the atmosphere, the accent of the people or the seasoning of the meal but luck played an important role in my visit. I arrived by land in intercity bus I do not know if by chance at lunch, perfect to enjoy a delicious trout in the terminal, I walk to the bus stop Mine and oh surprise I need a card to use it service, another chance for luck Because I got on the bus and asked him favor loudly for someone to sell me a ticket, a very well-made lady did me the favor and I started to meet Cali from the Las Americas Avenue to the Simón Bolívar Cali Park, on the way to the hostel that I was already apart and I burst out laughing when I realize that the house is for sale, I kept smiling and I looked for another hostel in Google maps and luck I took to the carrot, a vegan hostel with good atmosphere and very economic, I installed And I go for a walk near the San Antonio neighborhood, I take photos of the Caleño panorama from San Antonio Park and I walk to the La Tertulia Museum and luck was with me, because it was the day of the museums and the Entrance was free and there were special activities, spend some time there and after sunset I got to the park of cats, took some photos and return to the hostel.

Parque san Antonio

The biggest reason I say it was a lucky day is the people I met in the hostel, a German, a French, an American, two Argentines, a Canadian and an Australian, we could talk about places, tastes and put together a Plan to go to an Andean music festival where we all dance without knowing a single payment of dance, it was almost magical to feel the fusion between Andean music live, the whole square full of people dancing around some young people who guided the group, People from different cultures gathered to the rhythm of the music and after the dance to eat and talk about our favorite dishes.

Museo la Tertulia

Back at the hostel I saw the desolate streets of Cali and I was fond of its warmth and the color of the streets that made me fond of this city and make it very difficult for me to leave the next day.



Don`t forget

  • A recommended area for tourists is the San Antonio neighborhood
  • A card is required for transportation, but someone can lend you one to enter



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