The magic of flying Teotihuacán in a balloon

By Tras las huellas del mundo

Of the long list of checklist that I have, there is a point that I already fulfilled: to do a trip in balloon. Capadocia and Myanmar are two of the three places that I want to fly over in this environment, but during my stay in Mexico I was able to check in a dream: to see the pyramids from the air.

From one day to another I got the offer to travel in a balloon through Teotihuacán. While I was in Mexico staying at my friend Laura's house, a friend of mine contacted her to see if she wanted to tour the pyramids of Teotihuacán and fly over the terrain in a balloon; Gave him the values ​​and told him it was an offer because his cousin works there. I said "yes" immediately. Taking a balloon ride was one of the things I had always wanted and I was not going to miss out on this opportunity.

Balloon day

After having some unforeseen events in the morning, at 6.30 we headed for Teotihuacan, from Mexico City. We were four people ready to fly over the pyramids: Luisa (my friend's friend), her boyfriend Mario, his friend Eduardo and I. After a little more than an hour of travel we arrived at the facilities of the company Sky Ballons, that was the one in charge to be next to fulfill our longing.

flying in a balloon

We signed up, heard the safety instructions and went to see how they finished 'inflating' the balloon. The colors of this one created the perfect stage so that we continued deluding ourselves of what was coming in a few minutes. The managers allowed us to enter the balloon to take photos in their colorful shadow and then to prepare us for the flight.

In the clouds

We climbed the four on the basket, plus the cousin of Luisa and her husband, who was driving the balloon. The fire was burning louder and louder so that it would take more height and at our feet the surface would remain and we would begin to see the pyramid of the Sun and the Moon.

We did not realize when suddenly we were in full clouds, a dense white layer crossed between us, while the fire burned more and more to continue increasing the height. In less than a minute we were already on top of the clouds and below us was a layer of white cotton that collected the leftover balloon we were on. There was nothing but clouds around us, a few other balloons, and the rest of ours in what looked like a fluffy cotton.

Little by little we went down and before us appeared the first street of Latin America: the Avenue of the Dead. Between its pyramids and other archaeological sites, we were flying over historic Teotihuacán and seeing the history of hundreds of years in a balloon. The joy was reflected in the face of each of the crew.

The toast

"The wind has gently welcomed us, the sun has caressed us with its warm hands, we have flown so well and so high, that God has joined our joy and returns us to the lovely arms of Mother Earth." With that prayer we thanked for the trip, accompanied by a toast with sparkling wine in mid-flight. Thank you for being there and for having the opportunity to enjoy the scenery and the experience; Was one of the things we shouted "cheers!" By raising our glasses. And it was impossible not to toast. For those who have made a balloon trip in the past, they know that the first time is so good, that the desire to get back on one is inserted in our mind since we are in the air.

Adrenaline and ecstatic, we come to terra firma clashing with treetops and cutting branches for the memory, because in a trip in balloon the only thing that you can control is the height, but not where you land, because the balloon is handled by the wind.



Don`t forget

  • There are at least 10 companies offering balloon flights in Teotihuacan.
  • The prices are variable, they are about MX $ 2,000 for adults and MX $ 1,500 for children under 12 years.
  • You can find services that go from simple ballooning, to some packs that include motorcycle rides, transportation to Mexico City, among others.
  • All the companies that make flights make the toast, because it is a custom!
  • Worry if the company you hired complies with the flight insurance, it is an obligation to have it.
  • Flights begin very early in the morning, by dawn. Some services offer it in the evening.



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