Salar de Uyuni - incomparable landscape

By Jurley

When one is told of Bolivia, one immediately thinks of La Paz, in that city of 3,640 mt, which one is afraid to reach, because one thinks Bogota is tall, imagine a thousand meters high. The lack of oxygen, you feel, but there are several ways to overcome the problem, pills (Sorichipill) or a delicious tea of ​​coca and chamomile.

My tour began in Bogotá, then a couple of days in Lima (which I will also tell you in another post) and then a peaceful flight, two hours to La Paz. That scale, although it was cheaper than flying from Bogotá directly, has a hidden cost, height, it is not the same to fly from the height of Bogotá that from the level of the sea of ​​Lima.

tren Bolivia

Now, in Bolivia is one of the world's treasures, the Salar de Uyuni, a vast "desert" of salt. One does not know how, a country without access to the sea, has such a place. Many years ago, Lake Titicaca covered a vast expanse, between Bolivia and Chile, the product of earthquakes and other phenomena. In Uyuni, only salt and underground access to mineral water remained. It is a place to visit without a doubt!

There are several ways to reach Uyuni, Peru, Chile or Peace. This last one was the route that I chose for this trip. It was a short trip, for a matter of time, nonetheless, I met some spectacular things and I know that I will return for a complete experience.

From Paz to Uyuni I took a bus that leaves every day around 8 p.m., you can buy a package at an agency or approach the terminal and buy the ticket, in addition you have to pay a tax right there at the terminal. The crossing is about 9 hours, the buses are with bed or half-board, I recommend the first. You will arrive in Uyuni about 5 am - 5:30 am. In my case, I had bought the package in an agency, but if not, when arriving in Uyuni there are many people from different agencies waiting to offer packages of one day, three or five days.

Quien me recogió me llevó a desayunar y ahí mismo alquilan los baños (por un peso boliviano) para bañarse. En Bolivia el acceso a Internet es limitado, lo cual, hace que uno disfrute la conversación con las personas que conoce y los lugares que se encuentra a su paso. En el sitio del desayuno, se encuentra una oferta variada de alimentos, nada típico, desayunos convencionales (huevos, chocolate, té, café, sandwich, ...) La señora que me atendió fue súper cordial además de divertida.

Very close to this site, the agencies are located which is where one has to move to take him from the village to the desert. The cars are 4x4 vans, some old. While waiting for the car, I was walking around the market square, it is small, with part of the history of Uyuni, a mining town par excellence as in the entire area of ​​Potosi.

Once the car arrived, I got up and with me were 4 Argentines and 2 Chileans, and started the route towards the salt. The first stop is the train cemetery, at the time of the mining boom in Bolivia, which collapsed towards the 40s. At this site, there is a half hour stop at which pictures are taken and the driver (who also Is the guide and the cook), in our case, he told us some history of the city.

Back in the car, the destination is Salar. When one arrives at the Salar sees a vast white and bright terrain by the reflection of the sun, although Uyuni is 3,700 meters above sea level, it does not feel cold, on the contrary, it feels warm. It is important to have sun protection, a hat or the like and wear dark glasses. Stay hydrated.

salar de Uyuni

The next stop is a salt factory, there we were shown processing and fluoridation. There, there are a lot of small shops to buy sweets and souvenirs. I found jewelers made in salt and some fabrics, not very expensive.

The first stop in the desert, is at the Hotel de Sal, although it no longer functions as a hotel, it is a space for lunch. And just next to it was built a monument of the Dakar Rally, which began to take place in the salar in 2015. Across the hotel, there is a place where travelers leave their flags, there are many countries in the world so Bring one is a good idea!

While we were taking photos outside hotel, the guide-driver served lunch - quinoa, meat, salad, ... all prepared by his wife. We spent about an hour there talking.

Our guide took us to a place in the desert for the "fun pics" ... You have to have at hand things like bottles, pringles cans, animal figures like dinosaurs, lions, llamas ... It was fun this time , Trying to achieve those fun pics, which seriously require a lot of effort, from lying on the floor, which is good to have on which to lean, maintain a position a good time ...

Then we head to the fish island, which is a mountainous formation in the middle of the desert, full of cacti. You can climb to the top of the mountain, you must pay for access. If you do not get up at the bottom there is a kiosk, which you can expect while enjoying the sunset.

From fish island, the return to Uyuni begins, yes the plan is of a day like in my case. Half way, we stop to take the last photos, those of the sunset of Uyuni, is surreal. The colors are breathtaking and beautiful.

Finally, back to Uyuni to take the train back to La Paz.



Don`t forget

  • You have to have at hand things like bottles, animal figures like dinosaurs, lions, llamas for fun pics



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