Nevado de santa Isabel

By Jair

5am ​​and it is not raining, I expect the transport that will take me towards the snowy one or as close as it can be. To my surprise when it arrives there are already several foreigners in it and the adventure begins, the first stop is in a shop in Villamaría, like to have something hot like a coffee or a coca tea and buy "fiambre" for the road.

We pass through Pereira and before so much landscape the first stop is in the Molinos waterfall fed with the water of the snowfall of the Ruíz, we arrive at the inn campestre the Lagoon to take the breakfast, since it is included in the plan, we take advantage of to break the ice and Know a little, comment on where we come and laugh for a while in several languages ​​lol.

cascada Molinos

I really had high expectations of this adventure because it has everything I like, walking, nature and greatness that a snowy can mean to make me feel how small I am for the world. We arrived at the entrance of the park, some indications before starting the ascent, going to the nearest bathroom and walking, the car brings us a little closer, we got down and we received some sticks to support us, we bring water and something to eat to recover calories.

I can not describe what was the most beautiful place I went, each step showed an impressive landscape, from the vegetation of the moor to the immense rocks that frame the snowy white tip, the freshness flooded the environment while the water flowed freely through small waterfalls And streams, the easiest way to show that the snowy is alive. I have never seen such a large piece of ice in my life, I know that the snow has declined too much in recent years because of global warming or humanity, but it was still impressive, to be on ice at that height with a Amazing sight and knowing that I did not have to leave Colombia to find it, he smiled nostalgic every time I remember.

The draw was easier and faster, but with something in particular, everything I had seen from below now could resignify from the height, as when they say that you can not travel twice the same way because for me they were two different places and the End I was left wanting more, maybe more time to appreciate every detail or more mountain to keep walking and discovering.

cielo de manizales

This adventure surprised me and left me an immense learning, in addition to helping me reflect on the damage that the world is suffering every day. It is an unmissable destination if you can visit it, alone or in a group and I contact and everything went very well.



Don`t forget

  • He wears gloves and blocker, it's cold but the sun will always be there.
  • Walk the established trails to affect as little as possible the snowy.
  • Do not leave litter even organic waste.



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