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Navarra land star

By Peques por el mundo


Navarra is located in the north of Spain. It limits the north with the French region of Aquitaine, the west with the autonomous community of the Basque Country, the south with La Rioja and the east with Aragon.

The geography of Navarre is very varied. The northern half of the territory is mountainous, dominated by the Pyrenean mountain range, the southern half of Navarre is flat territory dominated by the alluvial plains of the Ebro Valley.

Villoslada de Cameros

Our visit to Navarre.

Taking advantage of a long weekend for the holidays, we leave on Saturday morning for Galbarra, where we have booked accommodation for the three nights. We reserve as always in our page of confidence booking, the chosen establishment has been the Rural House Landa. We were offered the possibility of family room and shared kitchen. With children the kitchen is important for breakfast and some quick dinner.

We make the journey with tranquility and taking advantage to visit some villages of the province of Soria. Stop in Villanueva de Cameros and in Villoslada de Cameros, belonging to the Sierra Cebollera.

We make the journey with tranquility and taking advantage to visit some villages of the province of Soria. Stop in Villanueva de Cameros and in Villoslada de Cameros, belonging to the Sierra Cebollera.

Tierra Estella.

On Sunday, as the weather was not good, we decided to take a tour of the different places of interest of Tierra Estella.

First stop, Olite.

Our main objective in the visit to Olite is the visit to the Castle.

It is not really a castle but the Royal Palace of Olite, built between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, was the seat of the Court of the Kingdom of Navarre from the reign of Charles III of Navarre.

To make the visit is necessary the payment of entrance. There are different possibilities, guided, family, individual .... As children under 6 do not pay, we get two singles for € 3.5 each.

The visit took us practically all morning as we toured all the points of interest.

Second stop, Ujué.

After our visit to Olite, we headed to Ujué.

On the way we ate at Casa Pedro, we were served wonderfully and were able to eat very good homemade food at a very good price (approx € 20 per adult and € 5 per child).

The visit to Ujué we had to do without getting out of the car, because at that time the time did not give us a truce and it started to rain on the seas.

We left there with the intention of returning because the feeling is that it is a visit that is very worthwhile.

Third stop, Cerco de Artajona.

The Siege of Artajona is a monumental site that originally had fourteen towers, nine of which have been preserved, cubic and crenellated, joined by the wall of the twelfth century and a round trip.


Fourth stop, Puente la Reina.

Puente la Reina are joined by two of the main thoroughfares of the Camino de Santiago.

The main point of interest of Puente la Reina is its Romanesque bridge over the river Arga.

Fifth stop, Monasterio de Eunate.

Very close to Puente la Reina we find the Church of Santa Maria de Eunate. It is one of the most beautiful Romanesque churches on the road to Santiago. To take into account the opening hours, they close at 6.

Sixsth stop, Monasterio de Santa María de Irache.

Built by Benedictine monks in the 11th century, it was a hospital for pilgrims and during the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries the first university of Navarre. Here also have to take into account the schedule, close at 7.

Seventh stop, Monasterio de San Gregorio Ostiense.

Located in Sorlada, the Basilica of San Gregorio surprises both by its location as by its cover.

After this exhausting day, we look for a place to replenish our strength before we go to sleep. We found the Acedo camping, they have a bar where you can eat tapas, sandwiches and dishes combined of an excellent quality and very good price. At noon they also prepare menu, but we did not try it. Approximate price of dinner € 6 per person.



Don`t forget

  • Menu price € 11 during the week and € 15 at the weekend.



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