From Las Lajas to Ibarra

By Jair

I could say that the day began at 3 in the morning when I woke up while the bus was still moving towards Ipiales, I arrived at the terminal before the sun looked up, a coffee was the only thing I found to warm up a bit, but in the terminal The cold never left.


I loaded the cell phone and at 6 o'clock I went out to look for a car that would approach me to the church of the Lajas, with luck there are several options; Shared or collective taxis that can be paid in dollars or pesos $ 1 USD or $ 2,500 COP per way and until the quota is filled.

From the terminal takes about 20 minutes and down the stairs or the ramps walking and appreciating the scenery, it may take 15 minutes. I do not know exactly when you arrive, to see the majestic architecture of the church is like arriving without being close, the best thing is that there are several roads around to observe it from different angles. It was very early so it was perfect for taking pictures without people and with the first rays of the sun.

I stayed at the church for about an hour and returned to the terminal to cross the border and reach Ecuador. But before crossing I wanted to have breakfast, the last Colombian meal that I would try in several days, 10 minutes of row in migration Colombia and 15 in migration Ecuador and again to a group towards the terminal of Tulcan for now I arrive in Ibarra my first destiny in him Country of the four worlds, I do not deny it was anxious it was the first time I was alone in another country, I had no internet and I had learned that this city existed just 1 month before, I was calm since I could ask Locals and I was not Very far from the hotel that had secluded.


I find a green mountain in any direction, being surrounded by mountains gives a strange feeling, it is a rare way to feel sheltered by nature without her being very close, I want to suppose that for this reason this city was founded there.

To my surprise, the tranquility of the cobbled streets of the colonial part of Ibarra made my concern disappear, I walked through the main historical parks and along Avenida Mariano Acosta to the Parque Blanca, "the surprise of the afternoon" . Water sources, large structures that use water, geometric shape and nature, sports court, a great track for jogging or cycling, children's games and a bridge which architecturally gave an impression of modernity to the whole park, I think I I remain anxious to return.

Upon returning I find a city full of commerce, almost everything is achieved in these streets is as if the city woke up after noon, more people, more noise and better options to put together plans.



Don`t forget

  • coin: Dolar
  • I advise to wear a jacket, it's not very hot

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