Peru Ica - Paracas

By Adrian Espinoza

One of my favorite places in the world. We arrived in the morning to the main city ICA where you take a motorcycle taxi to reach Huacachina a lagoon in the middle of the desert, a place of fantasy. The desert coast that goes from Lima Peru to Chile, a route of hundreds of Kilometers with a wonderful landscape. The lagoon in the past was natural, unfortunately today because the great exploitation of this tourist destination is fed artificially by the locals to maintain it; Which is unfortunate but which is nevertheless a place worth seeing, since the oasis is not the only thing to see in Huacachina. The sand dunes that cover its surroundings is an imposing landscape, majestic and how nature knows how to make us feel small and insignificant. On the dunes there are many activities exploited by locals like Sanboarding, Buggies that cross the sandy mountains at full speed and that generate an incredible adrenaline (The more you encourage your driver the more emotions will make you feel). To end the afternoon sit on the top of one of the dunes to watch the sunset is an unforgettable experience.

Just an hour and a half from ICA is Paracas and the Ballestas Islands. Island where you can see sea lions, penguins, a great variety of birds. An incredible natural show, a place that left me bewildered and that left me breathless, I felt too lucky because there are places that turn on television or the internet and you think they are great, but when you are in front of them you can not even describe them; I felt like I was in a fantasy story.

When I was there I did not have a good camera, I simply used the camera of my phone, so I could not register that greatness, however there are moments that must be saved for the traveler and is a journey that I tattooed in my mind.

As if it were not enough when you are leaving paracas you will be able to observe some of the mystical Lines made on the earth, figures and drawings that until today it is not known who made them. Some say that aliens, the ancient Incas, hundreds of stories and myths about its meaning, creation and mystical power. Lines of more than one meter deep and wide and that can be visualized to several Kilometers and the best thing is that with the passage of time they have not been erased. Although we are not aware of our resources, nor of our history we can find in the route several graffiti and trash that damage little by little said places.



Don't Forget

  • The camera is important, each part of the tour deserves a photograph.



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