Touring Valle de Antón, Panama

By Vivimos de viaje

With the stay of a few days in the town of Valle de Antón, we began a journey of a few months by Central America. This enclave of the interior of Panama is a real pleasure, due to the wild nature of its surroundings and the sympathy of the people who live in the valley.


After spending a few days in Panama City, adapting to the time change and rest of the long trip that supposed to arrive, from the exit of Madrid, stopover in Frankfurt and the flight of 12 hours to reach Panama, were more than 15 hours flight.

That is why it has been very good to spend a few days in the Panamanian capital resting and planning the route that we were going to start in the Valley of Anton.

Antón Valley is part of the Coclé region, an area whose main activity is agriculture and livestock, with tomato plantations and sugar cane. Tourism has increased greatly in recent years with the construction of various hotels and resorts.

You can arrive by own vehicle, in a detour of the Panamericana highway, or by taking one of the buses that leave from the central station of Albrook in Panama City.

As much as it has to see the region, we have focused on the Valley of Anton that gives name to the town. An enclave inside an extinct volcano, whose slopes that once formed the crater, envelops a true natural paradise in its interior.


The valley is an authentic orchard, because of the great diversity of flora concentrated in an area of 34 square kilometers. Different types of trees and plants are developed thanks to the climate of this valley.

What can you visit in Valle de Antón?

Several waterfalls are those that can be visited walking from the same town, as the Cascada de El Macho, in addition to visiting the waterfall, you can make a canopy with zip lines and bathe in the natural pool. The entrance fee is $ 5, like most parks in Panama.

But it is not the only waterfall that can be visited in the valley, at the same distance as the previous jump are other waterfalls like the Chorro Las Mozas, you can also bathe in their hot springs.

Of the many trails that can be done through the Anton Valley, there is the one of the Squared Trees, the one closest to the town, and the ascent to Gaital Hill, something more remote and requires of more physical effort.

Another of the hiking trails is to climb to India Dormida, a three hour itinerary to reach a mountain that has the shape of a woman lying down, with excellent views over the valley.

Another interesting route is that of Piedra Pintada, you reach a huge rock adorned with pre-Columbian writings.

From the best views of the Anton Valley you can see them from the viewpoint of Las Cruces, a hill coming out of the valley.


Visits in the same village Valle de Antón

In the same town you can visit the Orquideario, where they are responsible for repopulating the area with the original orchid of the area in addition to other species of orchids, the entry price is $ 2.

Other visits in the same town are the Mariposario and the Zoo called "El Níspero", a combination of small botanical garden and a zoo of small animals.

On weekends, the Mercado de Abastos becomes a very colorful market of local handicrafts.



Don`t forget

  • Its average temperature is between 20 and 28 degrees Celsius, with plenty of windy nights that cool off at the start of a new day.
  • If you have your own vehicle, also by public transport, you can visit the area of Cerro la Vieja, where the Cascada de Tavida is located, 30 meters of fall that emerges from the interior of the jungle.
  • It is located within the Villa Tavida Lodge hotel, the entrance fee is $ 5, but it is well worth it for the visit of the waterfall as well as all the surrounding natural surroundings.



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