Delicious live in San Andrés

By Camilo Suarez

It is good to know as a tourist that the only thing to get up early on this Island is to see a beautiful sunrise on the beach, then you can go back to sleep for a while.

Although if you want to take advantage of the day and know all the unexplained paradises around, you must stand up after watching the sunrise.

There are two basic plans that you must do, the first to go around the island; The second enjoy the nearby islets.

If you go for the first you must rent a golf cart or a mullite, rent them almost at every corner. You start by turning the island counterclockwise, ie leaving the center to the airport. There the first stop you have to do is at the Island House Museum, a place where you can tell a little about the history and customs of the true Sanandresanos. The next place that is much more of adventure is West View, one of the many natural pools that counts on the island; In this place you will be able to do different activities, for example launch yourself by a slide to fall to this natural pool, jump from a trampoline or mask among others; As well as something more adventure like diving and underwater with a mask, where you can see more of the marine fauna and take pictures with underwater statues.

Continuing with the tour, and if it is the first time you go, you can stop at the Blower Hole to spend some time there and continue. Keep in mind that during the whole tour you can stop at the innumerable beaches and natural pools that you find next to the road. The next destination is the San Luis area where you find beach, restaurants, you can mask and also, walk or swim to Rocky Cay from where you can see an ancient ship anchored, something that seems a bit terrifying but magical turn. From there, returning to Down Town is very close to continue with the "city" life of San Andres where you can shop, then a spectacular dinner in any restaurant on the boardwalk and finish with a couple of drinks on the beach.

If you go by option two, that is, leaving early for "the islands", as locals call it, it is also good to take advantage of the first boat. Keep in mind that in this plan must be very aware of the times as they go to an island first, then to the other and then return to the Down Town of San Andres, and is that among so much marine beauty time flies.

It starts from the Marina, but ask to go first to the Aquarium (located next to the Islote Córdoba) and then from there to Jonny Cay (located on the Islet Sucre). In the Navy, they should wait a while and be patient since if they go in high season, there are innumerable boats that leave, so much calm, meanwhile can have a juice because heat is long. Once you arrive at the aquarium, store your things in lockers that are ready for rent and then the water ducks! Make use of the mask and the snorkel to see infinity of marine species. If you are tired of the water, you can walk to Islote Cordoba, where you can have lunch, have a drink, go around the island and if you look well where you step, you will see fascinating little sea creatures. You can also have lunch at Jonny Cay if you prefer, the dishes are delicious and you can choose between 3 different types of fish or other options. Once you are in Islote Sucre, and if you have lunch there, after lunch you can lie down in the shade of a palm and rest for a while feeling the breeze of the sea; In this place you can also go around walking, walk the old abandoned quay, take something for the heat and especially enjoy the sea, something very rich of this place is that in the area allowed to bathe, the waves are usually a little Strong and play with them is quite entertaining.

Back to the center in San Andrés it is best to eat something, and have something on the beach.



Don`t forget

  • Try to always have blocker, face mask, snorkel, beach shoes and water to hydrate yourself.
  • If you can stay on the beach or in a typical house on the island is much better.
  • All stores have cheap drinks and liquors but only cater for the day.
  • If you want to buy a drink at night, the best is 24 hours on Calle 1 in front of the Decameron Los Delfines; Near Hamburguesas El Corral (option for those who do not eat fish)
  • If you are spending the night on the beach (or having a good time) bring a well-loaded speaker
  • The whole island is safe and quiet, but try to be careful anyway.
  • The whole island is safe and quiet, but try to be careful anyway.
  • A very good restaurant, not so expensive, is one located in front of TV Island on Providencia Avenue, it is very rich.
  • If you want to eat ceviche (shrimp cocktail) do it on the beach where "el Caleño" or "Los Caleños".
  • There is a super cute pier where you can take photos and watch the sunset.
  • The Peru Wok restaurant is an excellent choice for dinner or lunch.
  • If you arrive at night, it is best not to walk to the center. Although it is close, better take a taxi.



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