Adventure in Ometepe Island


Travelers this time I come to comment on an amazing tour that I built on Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua. This incredible island is located in the middle of the great Lake Nicaragua, has an area of 276km and a population of 35,000 inhabitants and is only 1 hour by ferry from the Port of San Jorge, which is said to be only 40 Minutes from the border with Costa Rica.

I started this trip taking the ferry from San Jorge to Ometepe, here you can check the schedules and how to get from different points, I took it late, type 4.30pm which allowed me to glimpse an incredible sunset that is very worthwhile. The ferry is comfortable and much enjoyed, especially at this time of day. Arriving at the port of San Jose, already in Ometepe, I rented a motorcycle scooter at $ 25 for 24 hours, which allowed me to walk around and get to know the whole island. Once rented, I drove to San Ramón, about 60km, half of them in a street of ballast with rocks and holes with which you have to be very careful. Doing this at night added a special touch to the adventure because it makes it more risky and many times I wondered if I was going the right way.

When I finally arrived in San Ramon, I already had a reservation at Hospedaje La Cascada, a charming hotel in the middle of the village of San Ramón and with a wonderful view of Lake Cocibolca or the great lake of Nicaragua. The lodging is economical, I paid only $ 20 for a private room with private bathroom and fan included. There are also hammocks for only $ 1.50 per person and camping area at $ 1. The hotel also has a restaurant with very cheap prices and a team always ready to help you. Special thanks to Dona Conchita for treating me so well and being so kind and attentive. The hotel also offers tours to all sites of the Volcano Madera. Reservations:

The next day I started a trek to the great San Ramón Waterfall, which is the main attraction of the town. For this you have to go to the biological reserve, just 100m from the lodging La Cascada, and pay the entrance of only $ 3. Another thanks to the gentleman of the entrance that lowered us even more the price. The walk to the waterfall is heavy, and you test your physical stamina. It lasts approximately 1 hour and a half of one way and 1 hour of return. During the walk you can observe great landscapes to Lake Nicaragua and wonderful views of the volcanoes.

The waterfall is breathtaking. Every drop of sweat was worth it. It's amazing the energy so clean and peaceful that you can breathe in the place, ideal for cooling off and cleaning up bad vibes that loads one from time to time. This place is to return, to tell and to brag.

Finally you leave San Ramón to visit the beaches of Santo Domingo and eat in the various restaurants in the area. The food is very cheap and very rich. You can take a walk through Altagracia or walk the streets of Balgue on your motorcycle and take advantage of this resource very well. Do not worry about gasoline, it's very economical. I recommend visiting the Ometepe airport which is en route to Moyogalpa, the main city of the island. This airport has a special feature that I invite you to discover.

Other tourist points of the Island are Ojo de Agua, a tourist center where you find very clean pools of river and ideal to cool down by the heat of the island. The volcanoes Madera and Concepción can be traversed but you have to take a full day for each volcano and have good physical condition.



Don`t forget

  • The food is very cheap and very rich.
  • Do not worry about gasoline, it's very economical.
  • I recommend visiting the Ometepe airport which is en route to Moyogalpa



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