¡Valencia in fallas!

By Con dos tacones

Look, it's just thinking about that moment and it makes my hair stand on end. And is that, there is no greater pleasure for a Valencian than the smell of gunpowder. Do not ask us why, but we love it, I think it's embedded in our DNA. From a young age our greatest fun is to throw firecrackers, and the fatter their sound, the more they spring. But for me, there is something superior to gunpowder: the charangas. Neither Enrique Iglesias, nor Beyonce, nor Bon Jovi himself, to my touch Paquito the Chocolatier and I come upstairs. The 'He He' we have more than dominated, we dance the Horse walks pa lante that not the best Russian ballet, and we follow to the letter the 'Not in volem cap that does not stretch borratxo' ... Aish, what good they are The Valencian festivities!

And it is that, my travelers, if you visit this weekend Valencia, you will fall in love with its culture and its traditions. If already in itself is a beautiful city, at parties is even more. Each and every one of its neighborhoods adorn its streets with two monuments: the Children's Fault and the Adult Fault. They are monuments with a limited date, since on the night of March 19 they will burn to the sound of the dolcaina and tabal, accompanied by the tears of their Falleras Majores who have to say goodbye to a party full of emotions.

The failures are not only night party, that there is and much, for me it is a party to live for the day. Of course, one of my favorite acts is the mascletà. And here's a tip: they shoot at 14.00, but do not expect to go half an hour before and get a good site. Last year I was planted from 11 noon right below the City Hall balcony! (You do not have to be as exaggerated as I was, it was by pure postureo fallero). It would be nice to go for two hours or an hour and a half before, you look for a good place in the shade, you take your sandwich and your drink! And enjoy the music fallera!

And of course, the great advice of the Fallas: patience, patience. The city during its big days receives thousands of tourists, so its streets, businesses, transports ... are crowded! Laugh your metro of China compared to that of Valencia in the days of Fallas! If you go by car, leave it parked very outside and take the public transport, get up early to be able to see the winning monuments without the smallest number of people possible, and if you are a shade of red skin of Denia like mine, not the Forget the sun cream do not see how it hits the caloret faller!

There is a photo that every good tourist of posture that precie, has to take of Valencia: the photo with a Fallera Mayor! They will be delighted to stand for a second and pose for your goal, and you will be able to appreciate up close how wonderful these costumes are. They follow a strict protocol to recreate the dress of the s. XVIII. I hope someday I can wear one of those costumes! They are soooo cute!

My favorite place in the city is Plaza de la Virgen, just behind the Cathedral. And during the days of Fallas, it is a place that has a special smell. Hundreds of flowers, delivered by the falleros to their virgin, 'La Cheperudeta', make up a flowering cloak of vivid colors, which in addition to being beautiful, is one of the most awaited acts by the Valencians: on the 18th, at night, The Fallera Mayor of Valencia, will deliver his bouquet between the tears and the applause of those present. If you want to witness this wonderful moment, you can have many, many, but a lot of patience. There are people waiting since the morning to catch up! So much luck!

And after seeing all the monuments falleros, we go to what really matters: to eat. What about that in Valencia they know, a lot! I every time I go there, it makes my mouth water thinking about a fresh horchata with fartons. They are two of my favorite things in this world! You will find a lot of street stalls where you can taste a cool cup or in any typical horchatería of the city there is one in every corner!

And what do you say about the bunyols? In our land, the day the father is synonymous with these sweets, made with pumpkin, flour, yeast and fried in oil. They are usually dipped in chocolate, but I, who are more Valencian than bats, mojo in the horchata! all in one! And the paella? Where better to taste a rich rice than in the Valencian Community? Try to get out of the center t

And if, at night, if you still have strength, there are two essential things to do: see the lights of some faults like Cuba Literato Azorín, which are filled with millions of light bulbs and create a show of lights and sound, To fascinate And of course, if you are in Valencia the night of March 19, go to the Cremà. It is the most awaited moment but also the saddest. It touches to say goodbye to the fallero monuments and to welcome the celebrations of the next year. At the moment you see the cremà of any of the faults, you will understand the passion that we have the Valencians for the fire! It enchants you so much that you can not stop looking!asión que tenemos los valencianos por el fuego! ¡Te hechiza tanto que no puedes dejar de mirar!

So you know, if you want to spend unforgettable days, surrounded by good food, good atmosphere and lots of party, I hope you this weekend in Valencia! We stayed and we had a fresh horchata?

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