Good morning Dubai

By Laura Martín

Waking up in this great city with the sun shining through all the windows is an incredible experience.

All this can also be reflected in its structures: in Dubai you will find from HUGE commercial centers with all kinds of clothes, toys, etc., to modest neighborhoods with markets where you can buy spices, clothes, etc. And do not forget the mosques, a great example of Arab culture that dominates them. Undoubtedly, an incredible trip to be had at least once in a lifetime.

And above all, when in your country is winter! I was lucky enough to meet many people with whom I could share many experiences and I was even more eager to travel. It is not only the city that makes it special but the different cultures and people that we find in it.



Don`t forget

  • Ella Maillart (*) said that "You do not travel if you are afraid of the unknown, you travel in search of the unknown that you discover to yourself." Traveling alone in search of new adventures will allow you to know the world, wonderful people from very different cultures , But above all it will allow you to know yourself.
  • Dare to travel and enjoy your own company!

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