River and sea in Buritaca

By Jair

Start the day in Pozos Colorados with the sound of the sea that caresses the beach, the best reason to wake up with a smile, to approach the balcony and appreciate the immensity of the ocean on the horizon, those experiences multicensoriales that could live every day of my life.

The bus waits for us to go to one of the beaches of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, we cross the city very early and we cross the road accompanied by ample green areas beautiful landscapes. We stop at the Buritaca River to refresh ourselves and play with water and stones.

We arrived in Buritaca the trade could not miss but as I was getting hungry we went straight to the restaurant recommended by the guide that accompanied us, any choice of fish was going to be a good decision because the amount is generous, something very interesting is that you could have lunch while you watched The river, the beach and the sea.

To get to the beach you must cross the river, we looked for the shallowest part to not wet the suitcases and the sea waited for us with much movement, this was very funny because it was like playing with the waves that brought you to the sand to have it again Swim a little more to the deep.

But the sea was not the only attraction, we also kayak on the river for almost 2 hours before having to return to the hotel, already very tired and happy.



Don`t forget

  • Wear relaxed clothing, you'll have to walk the river.
  • Do not forget the sun block.
  • The food is generous, go willing to eat.
  • You can hire the tour in Santa Marta.



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