Because I also love Montañita

By @MariBerryCherry

Montañita a small but friendly place a few hours by bus from Guayaquil (ECU) I went for several recommendations and I was not going alone, I was going with my best friend which is amazing because she had gone a couple of times so it was an extraordinary guide.

In the day the best plan is to go to the beach, enjoy a cold beer, sunbathe and swim in the sea that is not calm but rather has enough waves so play in the waves or surf (if you know how) Be quite fun. You can also stroll through the streets and buy one or another souvenir with the famous phrase "I Love Montañita"

It is a great place to go with friends because it is 24/7 never sleeps so if you are tired at night, a bonfire on the beach can be a great option but if you have the energy to 100% rumba sites it is what you get and People from different latitudes to meet and make new friends, the food is delicious, you can find typical dishes of the region or fast foods, the cebiches (Peruvian-Ecuadorian) are absolutely not to be missed and to snack there are many stalls of street food but great as empanaditas Argentinas, pizzas, skewers, etc ...

There is a special mention to the street of the cocktails, as Montañita is not very big is very easy to locate and the main access road to the beach is full of cocktails, post after, price options, flavors, mixes And different drinks with classic and extravagant names, is the perfect place to meet people, integrate and learn another word in another language and go from there to dance, ask the locals the best places and between two or three there are sites Rumba with swimming pool or with sand floor of the sea, live music or DJs, on the last floors with a good view or even on the same beach, remember that there you do not sleep so what you will have is plenty of time.



Don`t forget

  • Wear cool, comfortable clothes, do not pack yourself with too many things, you will not need them.
  • Stay in a hostel, you do not need too many amenities because you will spend it on the street.
  • Rate several hostels in low season prices are around 20 USD in high season can reach 40 USD
  • There are hostels with shared bathroom and others with private bathroom for the same price, find out.
  • The hostels are more expensive near the street of the cocktails but there is a lot of noise away a couple of blocks and you will find a better price
  • Ask which rumba sites are worth visiting, there are many with very high covers and little fun, there are others without cover and very good!
  • If you have time go to know the beaches of the nearby places, you can take a bus on the main road or take a tour.
  • Cebiches are spectacular mixtures of Ecuadorian and Peruvian flavors, since Montañita is only a few hours away from Peru by bus.
  • Wear a lot of sunscreen, the sun and breeze do their job.
  • Drink plenty of water, drink lots of fruit, sea waves will tire you and dehydrate quickly.
  • The beer they sell there is 1Liter so do not be scandalized by the size of a bottle.



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