Biking to Bojacá

By Jair

Everything is ok; the cold weather, the sun shines bright but doesn't burn, the imposing road to take advantage on bike, good hydration and the signal says "Bojacá to 20 kilometres", i don't remember my face in that moment but have clear the goal filed me of energy.

Arriving to Bojacá without know the road make sounds like a risky adventure, thinking what is the worst that could happen? "with Maps you wont get lost" it's a different sensation when you get to the place instead of the goal because you forget all the tiredness and I start to recharge energy for the return. I leave my bike in a parking lot "hoping when I come back it'll be there" and i'm ready to hike.

The first stop, the church; This church reminds me of the metro bus, because the entrance is just as complicated, but being there inside makes me feel at another time, perhaps the details in gold, the classic lamps, the wooden structure or the paintings of the saints bring back memories Of childhood "no matter what it is always I am aware of the details".

Finally to eat and could not be anything else as it is a village, 'roasted hen, consomé, chicharrón, neck, longaniza and stuffed' scream all over the square and fat is seen on all tables "sorry I have a problem with Fat "an empty stall and a $ 15,000 sting and ready for the return. But the memory of Bojacá is important, not forget the sweets, the arequipe, the panels or the quajada, "I remember as a child I always took a toy."

I go for my bike and I go around the town before I leave, casually near the exit is "the entertainment area" a paddock with go karts, target shooting, inflatable, mechanical games and as always rows. But in a place like this neither the weather is a problem because if it is very cold they sell the roana and if it is hot they sell guarapo.

I leave for the uncovered road, excellent for cycling, 20 minutes from the village are the black goat stones a natural attraction perfect for a few photos, for the whole family, for the picnic or to relax and breathe tranquil.

On the way back, I cross through Madrid and Mosquera for the evening to be in Bogota, to focus on remembering a good trip that I will have to repeat.



Dont forget

  • It is a very Catholic place, perfect for reflection.
  • You can find parking lots to leave your bike.
  • The day may be sunny but the nights could be cold.
  • He wears comfortable shoes, some streets are in stone.



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