Travel Colombia with Nequi


Colombia is one of the most diverse, exciting and interesting countries to make the trip of your life and Nequi is the tool that any traveler wants to carry in his pocket, this is a series of experiences lived in my last trip by some cities of Colombia that Really would not have been the same without this app.

Nevado del Ruiz

On a sunny afternoon in Manizales, we walked through the 22nd race to Bolivar Square and received a confirmation call from the plan to ascend to the Santa Isabel snowfall the next day, we were excited, we opened the app and sent the money to Set aside the quota, now it was only expected to be 5 o'clock in the morning to start the adventure.

The day arrives, the route picks us up and leaves us at the entrance of the park, everything was green and nature, we began to walk on the moor until we saw the snowy peak and began the hardest, climb the rocks, cold and Much wind up to reach the snow, the summit the perfect spot to see the world with other eyes and obvious photo on the ice.

Nevado santa Isabel

Plan bike to Zipaquirá

This time I went with my cousin from Bogota to Zipaquira by bike, it is not a complicated route but my cousin is not very friendly with the bike, we started with energy and accompanied by the sun, I think it took a lot of advantage, I arrived in Zipa and my Cousin did not arrive, I tried to call him but apparently he did not have a cell phone signal and I knew he did not have minutes, here Nequi goes into action I do a recharge and in 15 minutes I receive his call, to tell me that he was already close, Inconveniences but it was fun.



I arrived in this city by bus to the terminal, I had the hostel set aside and some plans for the weekend, I take a Mine, the transport service from Cali, I arrived at the hostel and oh surprise the house is for sale, Laughter was quiet, I took my cell phone and I searched for cheap hostels in Cali, I found a very good one in the San Antonio neighborhood, I made the reservation and paid for PSE with Nequi and I walked there, the truth was the best thing that could happen to me, I met people Great, I learned to dance salsa and I was calm about this area of ​​the city, visit the park of the cats and the museum the gathering.


To San Agustín

From very early in the transport terminal of Pasto I wait for the bus that will take me to Popayán, I had to wait 2 hours until the quota was completed, this delay what I had programmed then I take advantage to buy the ticket to San Agustín from Popayán while I go In the bus, thanks to the service of, at the end paid with Nequi and to arrive at the terminal I just have to wait for the bus and ready, heading to San Agustín the road is not very good but the atmosphere, the landscape and The climate of the village is worth it.

San agustin

Traveling through Colombia is delicious and with Nequi I go quiet.