Around the world in Google maps 3,305 catches

By Traveler

From Rome to Kyoto, passing through Barcelona, Paris, San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro, among others. Around the world lasts two and a half minutes and is done in hyperlapse and snapshot of Google Maps. Specifically to blow of 3,305 screens. In case you did not have enough to see almost any corner of the world as it is from the sofa in your house, the video 'Google Maps: Hyperlapse Around the World' joins streets, monuments, cities and landscapes on a trip around the globe.

sol asomandose en el planeta tierra

The architect of such genius is the Italian Matteo Archondis, a student of communication and graphic design, who on February 8 celebrated the 12th anniversary of Google Maps with the video Google Maps: Hyperlapse Around the World, a traveling experience in the form of hyperlapse . "I decided to celebrate the anniversary of Google Maps because I like the technique of timelapse and hyperlapse and wanted to develop a creative video using only Google Maps," says Archondis to Traveler.

To do this, Archondis had the patience to capture image-in-picture on Google Maps, as if it were a timelapse or a hyperlapse with photographs. "I just made 3,305 screenshots on Google Maps, moving each image until I get the movement and the zoom effect," he explains. The whole process took two weeks: two days for the image captures, five days to put them together and seven days for the sound design. "The most difficult thing was to stabilize it because the video was very unstable and there were no anchor points in the clips," he adds.

As for the locations, "I chose those that were mapped in 3D to make the effects more interesting. I decided to start in Italy because it is my country and where I live. In general, I did not follow a fixed criteria, I simply chose important cities and places that I liked and remembered. " The result can be judged by yourself.