7 places of America that seem from another world

By Viajes y turismo

The planet is full of surprises, fascinating places, terrestrial paradises, real fantasies that will surprise you if you only go to the destination for which you came to the world, travel is your destination, let yourself be carried away, many of your senses will be envious of what your eyes can Experience so that the same land has been in charge to train to marvel if you only dare to take a step towards these great destinations, these completely natural tourist places are an option to go on vacation if you are tired of the smoke of the city and the Stunning car noise.

Live the planet travels by it, do not stop, keep walking, when the road is over there will always be an alternative to take one more step and a new road awaits you, the earth is alive live it also at the same pace, no matter what your age Do not stop surprising yourself That's why we present you with a series of places that you will look like from another planet and luckily are here waiting for you to visit them, a real deck of natural playing a range of seven that for you will seem like a photo studio but for fortune Are within reach if you only decide to undertake the trip.

Geiser Fly

Geiser Fly

Also known as the Fly Geyser Ranch is an artificial geometry located in Washoe County, Nevada. With an age of an exact century, this geiser offers its visitors a colorful spectacle, due to the jets of water expelled by natural pressure and its monoliths of stone that when bathed by the high temperatures give to shine surprising and precious colors and to the Over the years these colors are changing thanks to sediments of calcium carbonate.

Mono Lake

El lago mono

It is a large, shallow American lake located in Mono County. With the most important antiquity in the history of North America, and hypersaline and alkaline properties acquired in a natural way, it is an amazing lake with no exit completely terminal and the process of renovation only occurs by means of evaporation, this process has been commissioned Of producing high quantities of salts and minerals. As much as for tourism this place has been used by the scientists who are interested in the search of life in other planets like mars. This lake has a surprising peculiarity that are limestone towers that are revealed by the water level and its height is known to exceed even five meters.

Antelope Canyon

Cañon del Antilope

In the state of Arizona in the territory of the native tribe of the Navajo is located this beautiful place, which has been shaped by the great currents of water and an additional process called epigenesis. With cracks up to forty meters deep this canyon is a very striking tourist destination due to the filters on the surface and the high range of colors produced by the reflections on the walls of sunlight that sneaks in between the cracks and shoots out towards The background like dazzling jets.

Uyuni Salt Flat

Salar de Uyuni

Demographically located in Bolivia in the department of Potosí, here is the largest natural mirror in the world, with an area of ​​12,000 square kilometers is a natural accident made up of more than ten layers of salt that give a thickness of more than one hundred meters And its conformation was given by the evaporation of ancient seas through the ages. This place has the largest production of lithium in the world as well as mass production of potassium boron and magnesium also found some of the most extravagant hotels in the world due to the total composition of blocks of salt.

El valle de la luna

El valle de la luna

It is located in the region of South America in the beautiful country of Chile in the state of Antofagasta, this valley is the result of many years of erosion in the desert and these accidents have left beautiful panoramas that the human eye seem from another planet, while You can visit this place can be dazzled due to all the tones and colors offered by this place from any perspective, the best time to enjoy is the sunset since the range of shades and shades make this place an unforgettable memory.

Grand Prismatic Spring

La gran fuente prismatica

It is located in Yellowstone National Park in the USA. The colors that demonstrate the liveliness and the striking of this place are due to the bacteria that are pigmented in the biofiliculas that grow around the rivers rich in minerals and the range of these bacteria vary from red to green forming a wonderful collage. Deep blue in the center is produced by the selective absorption of water wavelengths of red light sensitive to human eyes. Although this effect applies to all large bodies of water this place has a high purity and considerable depth just in the middle of the source.

Maipo Canyon

Cajon del Maipo

Just outside of Santiago de Chile is a fantastic oasis of adventure that can connect you with nature for the sense of tranquility granted by the cool of the mountain, an adventure by rivers, canyons and a part of the Andes mountain range And at the end of a resplendent lake that serves as a reserve, a great place for recreational activities such as excursions, group tours and accommodation nearby in the most important vineyards of San Jose del Maipo.